MSM Saves You Time & Money Using 3D Design


Actual Testimonial for 3D Exterior Render Job Shown Above:

“...Working with MSM Design was super easy and convenient. Being able to communicate via email helped the process go faster and I had a 3D picture created by MSM along with each tweak to help me decide where to go from there. When we came to MSM with an already finished set of house plans, I thought they looked nice even though the exterior wasn’t really the look I was going for and I wasn’t able to put it together until I saw it via 3D.  After getting colors on the 3D rendering and changing some stone, siding and windows, it now looks exactly the way I imagined it.  Doing a 3D render of the house has been the best decision we have made so far in the planning process, because it takes the guessing out of how all of the colors and textures will go together!  I have sent our rendering to all of my friends that are building in the near future and they are in awe! It looks really great!  It was a lot of fun working with Heath at MSM and now I absolutely love the plan...”