“…we cannot tell you how exciting this is for us and how much

we appreciate the attention to detail you gave this…”

Our Team

Heath Follen: Owner/Operator,Lead 2D & 3D Designer


Shortly after moving to Waunakee in 2005, I took a no-look leap off a very high cliff and started MSM Design Group with next to no contacts or experience in the Dane County area. But, after picking up a few dependable builders and clients early on, some traction (and confidence) was gained. That momentum carried the company forward due to an unwavering reliance on the traits instilled in me by my parents: Faith, honesty, integrity, and old fashioned hard work. Today I am surrounded by a talented group of people who share those same values, and we have an amazing builder base and continuous stream of excellent clients who all bring great design projects for us to develop. I couldn't be happier. Outside of work I fail to acknowledge that I am growing older, so my hobbies remain what they always have been, which is playing and coaching sports. I am also completely unafraid to enjoy a beer or two! Being someone who grew up on the water, and at 16 bought a ski boat before having a vehicle to pull it, it should come as no surprise that boating, skiing and fishing remain my greatest loves. Any time on the water or up at the family cabin near Presque Isle, is my heaven.

Scott Farrey: 2D Cad & 3D Design,
Home Transformation Design Leader


I started working for MSM Design in August of 2013, after graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee with my Bachelors of Science in Architectural Studies. Prior to that, I managed Lucky's Bar in Madison for 3 years, along with various other bartending jobs that supported me through college. I graduated from MATC with an Associates of Science in Architectural Technologies in 2011 before continuing my education at UW-M. I currently spend my days working with Marten Building & Design, which is owned by a very close friend and associate of MSM Design, Randy Marten. The ability for frequent design and construction collaborations between MSM and Marten Building helps all of us stay on top of our game. My hobbies include playing lots of sports including golf, softball, and volleyball. I enjoy traveling to see my brother in Hawaii and also to various friends scattered around the US. I am excited that someday soon I might be able to rescue a dog of my own. I also enjoy spending time at my family's land hunting, fishing and hiking around in the hills of Southwest Wisconsin. 

Brian Southworth: 2D Cad Design


I started working with MSM Design Group February 1st of 2017, but have known Heath for much longer, dating way back to the earlier stages of my design career when we both were employed by a systems-build home building company doing detailed design work. I have an Associated Degree in Architectural/Residential Design from NorthCentral Technical College, and I have been in the residential design field since 1994 doing electrical design, plumbing design, and modular design. I am also a Fiber Optic Communication/Facilities Engineer. My hobbies include coaching youth baseball, softball, and swimming, and also shooting trap/skeet.

Penny Wormet: 3D Design, Graphic Design


Being Heath's mother, I've been working with him since his date of birth in one way or another. We share some creative talents and mutual exasperations. While Heath was honing his remarkable skills for home design, I was entrenched in the auto business with my husband, Bud, who founded A-F Motors in 1965 and loved his business until his death in 2007, just after I published a book in 2005. We worshipped together, worked together, traveled to faraway places, hunted South Dakota pheasants, caught Canadian walleyes, enjoyed animals, gardening and yard work, and all the challenges and joys of dedication to our very large and well-knit, blended family. I'm now semi-retired to enjoyment of home and family, church work, sewing, knitting, gardening, yard work, my one remaining horse and dog, and helping Heath with his ambition to provide the best and most creative services to the clients of MSM Design. 

Amanda Lindsey: 2D Cad Design


My background is a little atypical for working in residential design, but what’s typical these days? I currently work as a Registered Nurse and it has served me well, yet it’s never quite fit my creative personality. I’ve known Heath as my fun, softball-loving uncle my entire life but have never known his “business” side and I have to say…wow. I had no idea the work and dedication that goes into MSM Design! He’s giving me the opportunity to learn an entirely new career by teaching me residential design and the “MSM Way”. So far, I love it! I look forward to tons of learning and a design-filled future. When I used to have spare time, I loved reading, skiing, softball, wood-working, hiking, boating, hunting, and ANYTHING outdoors but…because I have two toddlers, there’s not a lot of time anymore! However, I DO LOVE spending every moment with my “people” and God, and I aim to live life purposefully every day in everything I do, no matter what it is I’m doing!

Annita Wozniak: Executive Assistant


I have been working with MSM Design Group since 2016. I assist clients with design scheduling and accounts receivable, while also tackling whatever to-do list Heath throws my way. I am a northern Wisconsin native who came to UW-Madison 25 years ago and never left after earning a Journalism/PR degree. I am a proud mother of three and a bit of a foodie. I enjoy book club, local bands, and warm summer nights made for sipping red wine with family and friends while on my deck overlooking peaceful Lake Redstone. 

Mattie Follen: Social Media & Digital Marketing Manager


I have known MSM Design since the very beginning of my life! I have been working with my father since 2015, and now officially working with him in terms of social media and photography. The past year I have travelled throughout Africa and Israel and now I am pursuing my degree in Nursing. I have a photography organization called, "The Wandering Project" that I use for side jobs, and to document my travels. My hobbies include hiking, hiking, and more hiking. I love being with family and just sitting, observing the beauty that God brings us each day...and obviously, taking photos!